Men's Bottoms

Versatile and Durable:
With Apricoat's Adventure Pants, versatility is the name of the game. Whether you're hiking in the wilderness, exploring a new city, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, these pants are ready for any activity. Their durability ensures they can withstand the rigors of your adventures, no matter where they take you.

IntuPockets™ for Ultimate Convenience:
Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying extra bags or packs. Our Adventure Pants feature 11 IntuPockets™ strategically placed for your convenience. These pockets offer ample storage space for your essentials, allowing you to keep your hands free and focus on your adventure.

DWD™ Technology for Quick-Dry Comfort:
Stay comfortable throughout your journey with Apricoat's DWD™ (Dry When Damp) technology. It ensures that even when you encounter unexpected moisture, whether from rain or sweat, your pants will quickly dry, preventing discomfort and chafing.

Bio-Finish Wash Tech for Sustainability:
At Apricoat, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously. That's why our Adventure Pants are crafted with Bio-Finish Wash technology. This eco-friendly innovation not only enhances the fabric's performance but also reduces its environmental impact. It's a win-win for both you and the planet.

Lightweight Design for Ease of Movement:
Enjoy unrestricted movement on your adventures. Apricoat's Adventure Pants are designed with a lightweight construction that won't weigh you down. Whether you're scaling a peak or exploring a new trail, these pants move with you.

Water Resistance for Added Protection:
Don't let unexpected rain showers dampen your spirits. Our Adventure Pants are water-resistant up to 3,000mm, providing you with an extra layer of protection against the elements. Stay dry and comfortable, even in challenging weather conditions.

With Apricoat's Adventure Pants, you're not just wearing pants; you're wearing a commitment to adventure and sustainability. Embrace the great outdoors in style, knowing that these pants are up for any challenge you throw their way.